Stand by Me Doraemon 2 release date in india of hindi dubbed version - full details

 Stand by Me Doraemon 2 is a blockbuster sequel to his first part Stand by Me Doraemon which was released in 2014. Doraemon fans are very excited about this movie. Everyone is asking "What is a release date of Stand by Me Doraemon 2 in India of Hindi dubbed version" so here is the answer to your question.



in japan, Stand by Me Doraemon 2 film was released on 20 November 2020.  The movie was released in 416 screens with limitation of occupancy due to Corona Pandemic. Despite the Corona epidemic, the film did well at Box Office.


Doraemon officially announced that Stand by Me Doraemon 2 is going to release in February 2021. the movie will release in various countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Spain and many other countries.


Before talking about Stand by me Doraemon 2 release date, let's see when Stand by Me Doraemon was released in India. Stand by Me Doraemon was originally released in Japan in August 2014.  Also, it was released in 2014 in Italy, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, but it was released in India in 2014. That means in India movie released after 2 years of gap. 

Stand by Me Doraemon 2
Stand by Me Doraemon 2 
So the question is what about Stand by Me Doraemon 2?
This time the craze is high in India, so Doraemon India would like to release Stand by Me Doraemon 2 in INDIA as soon as possible. Expecting that Stand by Me Doraemon 2 movie may come this year in June or August or November. 

Will it be released in movies theatre in India or a premiere on Disney India/Hungama Tv channel? there is 99% of chance that the movie will come on Tv & not in INDIAN theatres. 

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