doraemon movie nobita and the kingdom of robot singham full movie in hindi dubbed release telecast cancelled on Disney India TV Channels

nobita and the kingdom of robot singham full movie in hindi release date ( telecast cancelled)
Doraemon movie : Nobita and the kingdom of Robot Singham release date cancelled by disney india(hindi) channel.

The Doraemon The Movie  Nobita And The Kingdom Of Robot Singham was about to be released on June 23. Movie's release date, time, channel everything was fixed. But there was other program going on at the time of the movie, on the Disney Channel.

Because the release date for this movie has been changed. Now, what will be the new date will be revealed in the coming time.

The reason for this can be.

One, he must have been mistyped somewhere in dubbing or editing. Or, as much as they wanted publicity, they would not be found.

There is a problem in the signal at the time of the rain. At that time people can not watch TV. That's why they probably canceled the release.

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And one reason may be this too. The Disney Channel is at the bottom of the Top 5 channels, and there is not a single Disney Channel program in top 5 programs. For this reason Disney India Channel should be thinking that the film can be released at the right time to the top.
top 5 kids indian tv channels chart. can disney beat others channel?

In the coming time, it will know what will be the release date of the film. If you want to know, then subscribe to our YouTube channel. The subscription is absolutely free

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